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Wine Tasting Evening

A small but enthusiastic group gathered at Laithwaite's next to Vinopolis for a tasting of eleven wines, in pairs with a surprise mystery wine served blind.  The Master's personal guests included the Learned Clerk, the Rev George Bush (something of a wine aficionado !) and Lt Col. Andy Milne RM, Clerk to the Shipwrights (the Master's other Company).

Laithwaite's preparation and presentation were exemplary, striking just the right balance between technical and other, lighter, information.  A light buffet was provided by the Cook & Butler.

The Master produced a surprise wine, served blind, introducing it by saying that it was a type never in history made before in its region and never to be me again.  Various attempts were made around the room to guess and Assistant Matt Bastone came closest by suggesting that it was similar to Manzanilla which was a very good try.  The wine was in fact in a vin jaune style i.e. similar to the Vins Jaunes of the Jura but made from Clairette in the South of France by friends of the Master's.  Vin Jaune is made in the same way as sherry (but without blending), hence Matt's very good guess.

The evening was very capably organised by Assistant David Wilson.