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Mediation Skills Competition for UK Students

The Worshipful Company of Arbitrators announced its first UK Mediation Skills contest in July 2010 and competitions have been held every two years since. The Competition is open to universities, law colleges and younger members of the profession throughout the UK and is intended to assist in training law students and younger members of the profession to better understand the skills needed to be effective in negotiation and mediation and to give them the opportunity to exhibit and develop their problem-solving skills. The teams are divided into requesting and responding parties and adopt the role of counsel and client before an experienced mediator and judges. At the end of each session the teams are given constructive feedback by the judges to help them develop their skills.

Teams are encouraged to display and develop the skills necessary to be an effective negotiator and advocate including: planning in advance of the meeting; considering the strengths and weaknesses of their own and their opponents' position; developing a strategy for the negotiations; presentation of their own position; active and effective listening to their opponents; responding positively to what is heard; creative engagement with the negotiation process; adopting a principled approach; generating options to resolve difficulties.

The 2018 Mediation Competition weekend will be held from 19th-21st January 2018 at the IDRC in London. Further details may be obtained from the Education and Pupillage Committee Chairman, Dr Chris McArdle, by emailing cm@innotec-uk.com.