Senior Warden Martyn Bradish introduced our most recent awards to service affiliates, as follows. You can read about the awards by clicking on the links on our affiliate pages.

“Sitting at our computers across the UK and beyond, it is easy to forget what our affiliates do on behalf of our country. We are indeed fortunate to be affiliated with units in the Royal Navy, HMS Mersey, The Army, 13 Company of the Greater London Army Cadet Force, South West Sector and The Royal Air Force, Squadron 622.  In a few short words, I would like to paint a picture. HMS Mersey personnel boards ships to protect our fisheries stock in all weathers and in all seas, including what they describe as lumpy seas. 13 Company trains cadets and takes them on exercises which test the fortitude of their young women and men. 622 Squadron supplies personnel when other squadrons are shorthanded and not only provide pilots for the massive Hercules planes but also air traffic controllers and a multitude of other skilled airmen.  These airmen can find themselves in some very tricky activities like flying into hostile environments under fire or refuelling other aircraft in midair plus many more duties besides.

If you like, that is the day job but the Coronavirus Pandemic has placed extra duties on our affiliates which included continuing the training of the Army cadets online as well as fieldwork when allowed in a COVID safe way. The difficulties of keeping the crew of HMS Mersey COVID safe so that they are able put to and stay at sea should not be underestimated. You will not be surprised to hear that 622 Squadron were in “the thick of it” as regards the COVID response moving PPE supplies and all manner of logistical responses needed to fulfil our country’s response to the pandemic.

The work of all of our affiliates is worthy of our admiration and thanks.”


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