Picture of Company Crest
The transport for the afternoon.

The transport for the afternoon.

Summer Outing and Church Service

The Company's July event comprised a "Duck Tour" on land and afloat, a visit to Tate Modern, the Annual Church Service and dinner at Zayna's Restaurant.

The intrepid Arbitrators who gathered at the start of the London Duck "experience", near the London Eye, were fortunate enough to be inspected and wished bon voyage by the Managing Director of the Company, who was just checking that all the equipment was working.  The Duck Tour was quite an experience doing a very interesting and amusing tour of the sites of London with a guide from the antipodes who was very good at mimicking various accents and highlighting the history of London.  The moment of truth came when the Duck changed drivers from a land driver to a Lighterman beside the MI6 building and plunged with gusto into the River Thames making the transition from a high-sided road vehicle into a fairly low lying river barge.  After a 20 minute rather damp tour up and down the Thames looking at things from a different perspective the Duck re-emerged on to the causeway and proceeded around London eventually returning to the original point of embarkation.  If anyone has not "done" the London Duck Tour I thoroughly recommend it as one of the best and most amusing ways to see the City.  The Master took the salute from a member of the public very near the old Petty France.

The group then split with members of the Court going to Innholders Hall for a Court meeting and Admissions whilst everyone else went on foot to the Tate Modern to view the Joan Miró exhibition.  Miró was one of the great surrealist painters using luxuriant colours and a language of symbols to reflect his personal vision, sense of freedom and energy.  Hearing from those who went to the exhibition it is a little like Marmite – you either love it or hate it but you can see his native roots in Catalonia shining through in his use of colour, form and shadow.  There are more than 150 paintings depicting the various stages of is artistic career. The cafeteria was also much appreciated in this action packed visit before the group struck out over the "wobbly" bridge to the other side of the River where the intrepid participants walked to St Mary le Bow, our Company Church for the Annual Church Service. 

Although the Company charter is dated the 17th March 1981 traditionally the service to celebrate the Company is held in July at the same time as the Summer Outing and this year the service was beautifully conducted by our Chaplin, Reverend George Bush and we were entertained in the middle by the organist who performed the new Company Arbitration Theme and expanded it to give the full flavour of the musical arbitration hearing.  Great thanks should be expressed to Alan Wilson for his extraordinary performance which was quite breath taking and made the Arbitrator's Theme come alive.

After the service, Matthew Bastone who had masterminded an excellent day had arranged for a double decker bus to whisk us across London to Zayna's Restaurant in New Quebec Street where we took over the entire floor and were delighted by the range of mild Bangladeshi dishes which in luxuriant surroundings provided an excellent end to what had been a most interesting day.  I would like to record my thanks to Matt for pulling together the various threads and I hope that everyone involved in the event enjoyed it as much as I did.

Kay Linnell - Master