The Clerk

The Clerk provides support to the Master, Wardens, Court of Assistants (and the Company generally).

They are responsible for the day to day running of the Company, from administration, finance,  membership and events planning and is the equivalent to the Chief Operating Officer of a company.

The Clerk is assisted by John White as Clerk’s Assistant, Alec ‘Jimmy’ James as Beadle and Reverend George Bush as Chaplain.

List of Clerks since Company formation

1981-1988    Bertie Walwyn Vigrass OBE VRD

1988-1991    John Minshull-Fogg

1992-1998    Ian Green

1998-2014   Gaye Duffy

2014-2015   Elinor Pritchard

2015-2020   Biagio Fraulo JP

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