Picture of Company Crest

Lord Mayor's Show

The Master and the Wardens participated in the 2011 Lord Mayor’s Show, thankfully this year in bright sunny conditions (albeit cool).The day started with tea and sandwiches at Painter’s Hall where our gowns are kept (many thanks to Ernie, the inestimable Beadle);  the Farmers and Woolmen were in appropriate costume but what can an Arbitrator wear ? The muster point was off Cheapside and while we waited we spoke to representatives of several Swiss Livery Companies - they have a very similar system to ours.  One of the floats had a steel band and “exotic dancers” wearing what appeared to be very little (despite the November coolth) and one of the Company’s representatives was temporarily bereft of speech.  We had not previously been aware of the existence of the Worshipful Company of Exotic Dancers and, on the joint suggestion of the Wardens, the Master undertook to recommend to the Court that WCoED representatives be regular invitees to all Company events.

The Modern Livery Companies processed as a group, preceded by mounted horsemen and followed by a huge sugarbeet harvester (courtesy of the Farmers' Company);  we had to be very careful of where we put our feet .... We were amazed at the size (one of the newspapers reported 800,000) and enthusiasm of the crowds, particularly the number of children.  The Company had taken places in a stand next to St Mary-le-Bow.

After approx 2 hours of procession the convoy stopped in Surrey Street with the Livery Companies eating a packed lunch (no exotic catering today !) on HQS Wellington, home of the Master Mariners;  the liquid part of the lunch was served with great generosity by the very thirsty walkers.

The second half of the walk followed the traditional route from Temple past the Mansion House and back to Gresham Street.

Meanwhile members of the Company watched the parade from the Cordwainer Ward Club stand situated next to St Mary-le-Bow church and lunched on enormous chicken pies at Le Pain Quotidien on Bread Street, kindly organised by the Ward Club.